5 tips for your wellbeing

1374569_10151721749908215_1064447126_nToday is a day of happiness and celebration for me and that´s the way I want my life to be. Yesterday I told you about an e-mail I got from a publishing company for e-books and today the editor phoned me and we talked about the details and then I got the contract in my inbox. Isn´t that just fantastic! I love life when everything goes easy and that´s the way it´s supposed to be. That´s the way Law of Attraction describes how it should be. So me and my husband have celebrated tonight with some good food and a glass of wine.

In this post I´m gonna give you 5 tips that will increase your wellbeing. If you make these tips to a habit you will see longterm changes in your mood, wellbeing and in your life in general.

5 tips for your wellbeing

1. Book 30 minutes everyday for you. This is your time and you shall spend it on something that makes you fell good.
2. Send flowers to yourself or by some nice and exclusive chocolate.
3. Write down all compliments you get in a book of positive things in your life..
4. Self respect. Say no when you don´t want, can or have time to say yes. When you say no to something you say yes to yourself.
5. Use your book of positive things in your life and write down everything you are good at, things you are proud of in yourself and use this to read when you feel a bit down. It will get you in a better mood.

And, as usual I hope my English can be understood.

You Rock!!!


  • Congratulations on the book contract! You deserve it! Happy for you

    • Thank you, Marie-Louise!

      I´m so happy for it and I´ve heard that BookBoon is the biggest e-book publisher in the world wich i Amazing.