Romance awareness month



The other day I found a blog that I really liked. Sarah, author of the blog wrote a great post called: Uncluttered bedrooms mean more romance wich was a great post. The reason though for her to write this post was that august is the “Romance awareness month”. Isn´t that just great? I didn´t know we had a month like that and when I think about it I actually think that every month should be a month of romance awareness, don´t you?

Sarah is a Professional Organizer and her blog: Classically Organized is now one of my favorites cause I really need to learn to be more organized. I have the tendencies to do more than one thing at a time or I plan the next task when I do another and I´m an expert in starting up things without ending them so I have loads of started projects and it gets a bit messy in my brain sometimes. So when I found Sarahs blog it really gave me hope. Usually I read Swedish blogs and I haven´t found that kind of blogs here in Sweden so from now and on I´ll read bore English blogs.

Do you have any favorite blogs? What subjects do you like to read about? What needs do you think a blog can fill?

I would really love to hear what you think about blogs and what favorites you have.

Since my blog is pretty new it´s not ready yet, I´m still looking for a theme that rocks and when I´ve found it I´m gonna have a list of my favorite blogs and I hope you´ll like it.

You Rock!!!