Law of Attraction – An exercise to help you create what you want

Hello beautiful souls!

It´s been a while since I wrote a post but there have been so many wonderful things happening in my life as it can be when you move to a new country. Anyway, now I´m back here and I have some great news to share with you. And, today I will also share with you an exercise that is easy and effective, exactly the way I want it.

But first I will share the great news with you. Right now I´m writing a guide on how the Law of Attraction works and hopefully it will be done in the middle of November. This guide I will give to you for free just because I want to spread the knowledge about the Law of Attraction to as many people as possible. So, I hope you will be one of them who wants to learn more and take the chance by downloading the guide as soon as it´s available. Of course I´ll let you know here and on my fanpage on Facebook which you can find by clicking HERE.

So, are you ready for the exercise? Well, here it comes!


Your feelings and thoughts create your reality. Therefore, it is important to consciously observe your feelings and thoughts. To attract what you want you need to have a high vibration. You have a high vibration when you have positive feelings and your wishes have a high vibration since they are going to make you happy. To attract what you want you need to have a vibration that matches what you wish for. Many people find it hard to keep a positive attitude and often they feel that they don´t know what happened when they suddenly are having negative feelings again although they had positive feelings earlier in the day. With a low vibration you will attract negative things into your life and with a high vibration you will attract positive things into your life. So, this exercise will help you to keep a high vibration and to learn to know yourself better and get more in contact with your higher self. 

During a week you should write down in a calendar what you feel and think. Take a little break every two hours to write down what feelings you have had and what thoughts you have had for the last 2 hours. After a week, you see quite clearly the connection between what you attracted and what you felt and thought.


Keep up your mood and let your smile shine all over the people you meet. 🙂

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