Law of Attraction – How to know if you have resistance

Hello Gorgeous!

Today, I´m going to write about how to discover if you have limiting beliefs / resistance that impede your desire to come.

Limiting beliefs can be insidious and most often they occur at a level where we are not even aware that we have them, which of course makes it difficult to remove and release them. These limiting beliefs prevent us from creating the life we love to live simply by preventing us from attracting what we desire. Instead, the limiting beliefs we have lead us to attract more of things we do not want in our lives.

But there are some easy ways to find out if you have them:

1) Your surroundings
Look around in your life. What do you see? Do you see things that are repeated year after year? Do you see things that you are dissatisfied with that continues to appear for years and years into your life? You may have done different things to change things, but it still will not get any better. This means that you have some kind of internal blockage that will hold you right where you are.
2) Your feelings
Do you often have the feeling of being “stuck” or that it is going very slowly and nothing really happens? You have several goals and dreams and sometimes you may feel that you are getting a little closer but you cannot shake off the feeling that you are somehow stuck or that everything is moving as slowly as in slow motion. The feeling of getting stuck or going very slowly is a sign of inner resistance that is holding you back. This resistance is usually caused by limiting thoughts that are in doubt.
3) You have a large number of “but” in your vocabulary
Do you often hear yourself say, “I would love to …… .but…”? If you often use the word “but” and have a long list of reasons why you can’t do the things you want to do in life, it’s a clear sign that you have a whole bunch of limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Of course, some of your “buts” may be perfectly legitimate excuses, but most of them are probably limiting beliefs that may not even be your own, which you can thus change.
The great thing about our beliefs is that they form a framework for what we experience in our lives. If you do not like what you experience then just change the frame and you will start to feel something else!
Only by changing your beliefs will you begin to attract new ideas, opportunities, resources, people and experiences that will change your life.
I wish you all a great manifesting week!
Remember: Law of Attraction Works!
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