10 reasons positive thinking benefits you

AnastaciaA wonderful day today, right? I´ve had an awesome day today and I reached my daily goal again. My daily goal is to be happy. Do you have any daily goals? I would love to hear about your goals so please leave a comment and inspire me and all the other readers with your daily goals. And when we now are talking about happiness it´s time to talk about the topic for this post, positive thinking. I guess that you have heard that thoughts create worlds, your thoughts create your life and that you can get what you want just trough your thoughts. In this post I give you 10 reasons why positive thinking benefits you and after reading it I hope that you understand more about why thoughts create. Everything that happens in our lives is interpreted by our mind. If you are in a good mood the interpretation differs from the interpretation you gets when you are in a bad mood. For instance, if you are driving your car and a driver in front of you drives way too slow and you are in a good mood, then it wont bother you so much. But if you are in a bad mood you will get very irritated and start cursing at that other driver. Same situation but different reaction from you. And it is all in your mind and your thoughts. So, to get things even more clear about the connection between thoughts, feelings and your life, here are the 10 reasons positive thinking benefits you.

  1. Emotions: Your thoughts create your feelings. So if you think positive thoughts you create positive feelings. And, when you have positive feelings you think positive thoughts. I have a daily goal and that is to feel joy so I always look for a better feeling thought in every moment. It is so much more fun to have fun, right?
  2. Solutions. Positive thinking increases your ability to think solutions and possibilities instead of problems and obstacles.
  3. Creativity. You get more creative and find it much easier to handle small every day things that can get in your way.
  4. Positive thinking

    Positive thinking

    Relaxed. When you think positive you have more fun and laughs more which is very good for your health. Laughing makes you relax in every muscle in your body which also release stress. Stress and negative thoughts gives you tense muscles in places where you didn´t even know you had muscles and you don´t feel the tense before you relax totally. And another good thing with being relaxed is that it´s totally impossible to be irritated and relaxed at the same time.

  5. Health. Studies shows that people with a positive attitude lives longer and are overall healthier than negative people.
  6. Friends. A  positive person have more friends and a richer social life. Just ask yourself: Who would you rather speak with? Negative Nick or Positive Paul?
  7. Successful. Positive people more often see themselves as successful than negative people do. The main reason for that is that positive people are more likely to focus on the good things they have in life instead of focusing of the things they don´t have.
  8. Work. Positive people more often love their work and have a good working environment with satisfying relationships with their coworkers. Studies also show that positive people earn more money than negative.
  9. Life passion. Positive people are more curious, more eager for adventures and tend to live life more fully than negative people. They are not afraid of trying new things that can riches their life. They explore life and always look for the little things in life that can bring them a smile.
  10. Relations. Your relations will definitely benefit from your positive thinking. A positive person is more fun to be with, a smile makes you more beautiful, you don´t complain all the time, you are more easygoing, your positivism is contagious, and it´s much easier to love a positive person. When you are happy, your partner will be happy.

In my next post I will give you some of my great tips for how to create positive thoughts when life sucks.

I hope that you understand my English even though it might be a bit Swenglish. 🙂

You Rock!!!


  • I love this list! I’ve been working very hard on being more positive!

    • Awesome, Lana! 🙂

      I´m so happy that you like the list. Instead of “working hard” try to look with curiosity and joy on your way to being more positive. Look at it like a big adventure in life.

      You Rock!!!