How to get rid of negative thoughts

Blekrosa rosorI´ve had this amazing week so yesterday I bought this beautiful roses to me. Cause I´m worth it! This week I´ve been working on some freebies for my readers and I really hope you´ll like them. The first freebie will help you to implement positive thinking as a natural being for your thoughts.

The other day I wrote a post with 10 reasons positive thinking benefits you and in that post I promised you my best tips for creating positive thoughts. You can read the earlier post by clicking HERE.


Distract your brain

I´m sure that you sometimes have found yourself feeling stuck in a loop of negative feelings and thoughts.  I know that I´ve been there a lot of times and it feels like nothing is ever gonna be good again. And the thoughts go on and on and on and the feelings follow in the track of the thoughts and it goes down and down. It feels like the thoughts are unstoppable and that you don´t have any control what so ever to make a change. You are the victim of your thoughts and your feelings. The absolute best and most effective way to get out of this negative thinking loop is to distract the brain. To distract the brain is also the fastest way cause it interrupts the thoughts immediately. Imagine you are walking down the street stuck in this loop of negative thinking. In front of you there is an old woman walking and suddenly she stumbles and falls. She is hurt and bleeding from her knees. Everything happens very fast and you run to the lady to help her and check her injuries to see if she needs medical help. In that exact moment when you see the old woman fall your brain gets so distracted so it immediately stops with the automated, negative thoughts.

I´m sure that you´ve experienced that kind of distractions when something suddenly happens and your thinking just stops. So you know that distractions work very well but the problem is that the kind of distractions we now are talking about comes from events that you don´t have control over, right? You didn´t know that the woman in front of you were going to fall, right? So it seems like distractions are something you can´t control so you just have to wait for things to happen so your brain will be distracted. Today I´m gonna show you how you can make distractions to get rid of those negative thoughts so you can replace them with more positive thoughts that might save your day. Ready?

masks-833421_12805 distractions to get rid of negative thoughts and exchange the to more positive thoughts:

  • New things: When we expose the brain to new things it drops everything just to focus on this new thing. So, to do things you haven´t done before like listen to music that´s new for you, go shopping in a store you haven´t been to before, visit a town or country you haven´t been to before, talk with a stranger, learn some new stuff etc. When you do new things it forces the brain to let go of everything else because it need to concentrate on this new thing.
  • Old things: Brush your teeth with left hand (if you´re right handed), write with wrong hand, take a shower in the dark, park in another spot on the parking place, drive another way to work, do the dishes by hand instead of using the dish washer, sit at another chair around the dinner table etc. When you do this habits in different ways your brain is focusing much more on what you do so it dosen´t have the capacity to dwell in negative thoughts.
  • Moving things: physical activity is a perfect distraction for the brain: jogging, dancing, yoga, walk in the wood, ride a bike etc. You can also move the furniture in your home and do some decorating cause when the furniture are moved the brain has to focus harder on how you shall move when you go in to the room.
  • Loud things: Listen to music really loud, talk to yourself or sing out loud when you listen to music.
  • Painful things: Pain is a perfect distraction but I don´t mean that you shall cut yourself or do anything like it. But there is a way to distract your brain with pain that are okay. You just take an ordinary rubber band and put it around your wrist and when you notice a negative thought you just pull the rubber band and let it go so you feel a small pain in your wrist. When the rubber band hits your wrist the pain forces your brain to focus on the pain at the wrist to check out what kind of damage it is and if it´s life threatening. That gives you the perfect opportunity to start a new, more positive loop of thoughts.

Feel free to share your results with these distractions or if you have other distractions that you use to cut the loop of negative thinking.

If there are any language polices that read this I would really appreciate if you would correct my English. I´m willing to learn to write perfect in English but I find it much easier to speak than write so it´s a great challenge for me.

Wish you a perfect day!