I attracted paradise!

Hello Gorgeous! Long time no seen! It´s been a while since I wrote to you but I´ve had some fantastic events taking place in my life. As the title indicates; I´ve attracted paradise in my life. Let me tell you about it!

In March, 2017, my husband and I got this crazy idea about moving abroad. I´ve always wanted to live in a warmer country than Sweden. So, we decided to make a reality of our mutual dream. To start with we didn´t know where to move but after a couple of days my husband suggested Gran Canaria, Spain. He had been there as a drummer a couple of years earlier and he liked it very much. I said no becausee I didn´t want to live in Europe at all since it´s to cold in the winter time.

But, my best friend, Google, told me that south of Gran Canaria is the warmest place in Europe i the winter time with temperatures like a Swedish summer. So, I started to accept the idea of moving there. In April we decided to move to Gran Canaria and started with our plans. I had never been here when we made our decision.

So, after discussion and planning we sold our house and all our belongings and at the end of July 2017 we moved here. And this is really a fantastic paradise and I really love every second of the day. From the day we made the decision until the day we moved here it took 4,5 months and everything just unfolded perfect. We manifested everything totally perfect and I really love Loa.

So, as you understand I´ve been quite busy but now, finally I´m in place. So, from no on there will be more activity here on the blog, on Instagram, on Facebook and finally on YouTube. I´m gonna post here once a week and I´m gonna upload at least 2 videos on YouTube every week. So, I hope to see you on YouTube cause it´s gonna be so fun to talk directly to you. Below you see pictures from our paradise here in Bahia Feliz, Gran Canaria, Spain.