Law of attraction and your thoughts

Law of Attraction rocksWhen I began to study the Law of Attraction I had most of my focus on my thoughts and I was looking for the “right” thoughts and the thoughts that were formulated in a perfect way to manifest my desires fast and easy. I did this for every desire I had because I did not think I had time to think “wrong” because I wanted my wishes to manifest instantly. What I did not know then was that all this only delayed all manifestations.

And when I noticed that it didn´t manifest I was certain that I had the wrong thoughts so I chased even more for the “right” thoughts and so I kept on for a while until I finally understood how it really works.
Like so many others, I was looking for new thoughts for every desire I had, until I realized that it was not about how I formulated my thoughts. 


Of course, I came to understand a lot of things about the Law of Attraction but it was one special insight I got that is very important and I want to share it here with you. The most common question I get from my readers are:

How shall I think?

I get this question whatever the desire are. It may be the desire to attract a job, a partner, a car, a house, better finances etc., and my answer is always the same:

The important thing isn´t what you think – the important thing is the feelings your thoughts create.
That’s the vibration you emit that attracts that which is manifested in your life and it is your thoughts and your emotions that transmits the attracting vibration. So, when you choose your thoughts, pay attention to what emotions they evoke. If your thoughts create joyfull feelings your thoughts are in line with your desire but if your thoughts create negative feelings they are in line with the absence or lack of your desire.

So your feelings are very important cause they show you what kind of manifestations you’re going to attract. Do you feel angry and grumpy, you will attract more that makes you angry and grumpy, do you feel loved, you will attract more that makes you feel loved, do you feel poor you will attract more poverty, etc. If it´s impossible for you to think thoughts that creates positive feelings about your desire, you better drop the subject entirely and instead focus on something else that makes you happy.

I wish you great progress with creating your thoughts!

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