Law of attraction came to me

Long time no seen! I´ts really been a long while since I wrote a post here, but my life has been up and down in a totally awesome way. Oh, my God!!! So, what has happened since the last post you might wonder. Well, as you know I´m from Sweden and i have a blog in Swedish and I started to write about the Law of Attraction.      I´ve studied the Law of Attraction for many years but it was first in October last year that I felt that I was ready to write about it. And everything just exploded. So, I´ve created a guide, an e-course and a e-mail serie, all about the Law of Attraction and I´ve started as a Law of Attraction coach and I´ve got so many new clients and customers. I´ve also been on tour in Sweden all spring and early summer speaking about the Law of Attraction and I really loved it. I realized that we are very few in Sweden that teaches about the Law of Attraction and the need was very big.

I´ve also studied for Joe Vitale, known from the movie The Secret, so now I am a Certified Law of Attraction Basic Practitioner as you can see below.


Anyway, I just popped in to let you know tht I´m back here to inspire you all. But in the future I will be writing more about the Law of Attraction. And soon you will see some material here about the Law of Attraction cause I´m gonna translate my swedish material to english just so I can share it with you all.

Create your best day!

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