Practice doing nothing

Create your best day

Create your best day

Wiiihooo! I´ve had just a fabulous day and I´m happier than ever. And now you may think I won the lottery? Or that I´ve reached some great goal of my dreams? Or that I found my dream house? Or that I… no no no and no. Nothing “big” has happened but it has been this perfect day. I made it the perfect day all by my self. Isn´t that just great? Let me tell you about this perfect day and how I made it a happy day.

The day started with sun poring through my bedroom window and that was really about time cause this summer we have had so much rain. Day out and day in with rain but today it was just like a summer day and I just loved it. To feel the suns heat in my face and all over my body. I´ve really missed it. I could have look through the window and just shortly noticed that the sun was shining and then continuing with what ever I was doing and it wouldn´t have effected me specially. But instead I got the sun to speak to my inner child and I felt so happy, joyful and energetic. The sun made me feel like a child and that’s just a wonderful feeling. I hate to act/react and feel like adult because it´s really dull.

And then after breakfast when I started my computer I noticed that I yesterday got my first follower on Bloglovin and that´s just fantastic cause I registered this blog there yesterday. I just took some small dance steps and shouted yohooo out of joy. And then I was happy about that for a couple of hours and I really milked the feeling just for fun.

That´s to really great examples of how I made my day a very great day although nothing special turned up on my radar. And then I´ve done some practicing today. I´ve practiced

Doing nothing at all

Doing nothing at all

doing nothing at all and I´m really lousy at it so i really need to practice. I just was out in the garden, sitting or laying in the grass and doing nothing at all. No mobile, no Facebook, no blogging, no Twitter, no nothing at all and boy, was I restless! Absolutely restless but after a while something else came over me and I found a place inside me that really enjoyed doing nothing at all. I was so relaxed and it felt so good. But, I need some more practice so tomorrow I´ll take time just to do nothing at all.

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  • Sometimes it’s just so nice to shut down the computer and stay outside all day. I love it when I can totally unplug and enjoy my day!

    • A very big thank you, Marcia! You made the absolutely first comment on my blog and I´m so grateful for that. 🙂

      I find so much value in those moments and I´ve noticed that I work more focused and effective after a time off. So I try to take them pretty often. 🙂

      You Rock!!!