Q&A, Law of attraction

Q&A, LoA

I often get questions about the Law of Attraction and today I´ll share two of those questions and my answers with you. But first I want to invite you to like my new fanpage on Facebook where I share a lot of inspiration about Law of Attraction. You´ll find it HERE.


Q: How do I attract passion for life?

A: Start focusing on things that symbolize passion for life. Do it in a light way without judging yourself. say things like: “Right now it would be nice with some passion for life”, “I welcome passion for life”, “I love the tought of passion for life”, “I have the ability to feel passion for life”. 

Q: Law of attraction doesn´t work for me. It feels like I´m stuck in a bubble and I don´t know how to get out of it. What am I doing wrong? 

A: Law of Attraction is a law just like the law of gravitation. It works all the time for everyone. By feeling like you are stuck in a bubble you attract more of the feeling that you are stuck and you attract more proof that Law of Attraction doesn´t work for you. Instead you need to focus on what you want. Focus on things that bring you joy and the feeling of freedom. Do things that make you feel free och stay in that feeling as much as possible.


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